10.6 iDisk Local Sync Location

I can't seem to find this documented plainly anywhere, so, now it will be: when you set your MobileMe iDisk to sync locally, it now creates a sparsebundle disk image in:


You may want this information so you can exclude this path from backups or know how to mount the image manually.

C4[3] Finished Up

Presentation: Dev Tools for Sys Admins, Wed, 2 Sept 2009

I'll be giving a presentation at the Tri-State meeting of the Apple Consultants Network titled, "Dev Tools for Sys Admins." I'll be recording this talk and have attached some resources here for those attending. Bring a laptop as portions will be hands-on.


The devil (angel?) is in the details. However, so many don't see this. If you're reading this blog, you're likely a tech-type. It's the techies that need to heed this creed as much if not more so than most. Well, I hope health care professionals follow this a bit more, but I digress. Technology only follows the rules we tell it, and has no way of doing as we simply expect.

I was reminded of this after seeing the following sign:

Mac Chrome: For You

Google is now placing snapshots of Chromium at:


So, I don't need to do this any longer. (And will now stop - please fetch LATEST from the aforementioned URL).

Google's Chrome web browser has gotten some press, certainly, but that makes it all the more frustrating for Mac OS X users as there currently is no official build. You can certainly go grab the source and build it yourself:

Choose Your Clients Carefully

When I was consulting, I think I had a pretty keen sense of who to work with and who to avoid. I know far too many people, though, that get trapped in a less-than-ideal work scenario. For those that need it spelled out, Derek Powazek explains it a little more clearly than I ever could: don't work for, um...jerks. Excellent post:


Frankly, the advice works well for choosing a work partner or work environment in general.

Macworld 2010: Thoughts

Macworld 2009 has now come and gone. The biggest news, of course, is that Apple themselves have pulled up stakes and made this show their last. The question on attendee's minds: does this finish Macworld, too? I'm sure it does not.

Sample Chapter - Utilization

Never realized that Peachpit put an entire sample chapter from Advanced System Administration on-line:


It's actually a packed, practical chapter!

Courtesy of Peachpit, enjoy!

Believe the Hype?

So many people talk about things they just don't understand. Some are even proclaimed as experts on topics that clearly elude them a bit. In their insecurity, they like to try to drag others down with them, or, just make others look bad so they don't look so bad themselves. That's why you need to trust yourself, be comfortable with moving into new territory, and ignore those who want to be negative just to be negative. I love these quotes from people looking to put down the iPhone; I think it illustrates the point nicely:

What a Kite Sees

Man-made flying objects are almost universally inspiring. As a kid, I launched Estes rockets and always wanted the model that had the 110 camera (film!) built in (http://www.apogeerockets.com/estes_snapshot.asp). Looks like even that has been replaced with video now: http://www.apogeerockets.com/Estes_Astrovision_Video_Rocket.asp. Well, I still have the rockets, but figured I'd start small. A local toy shop had a nice selection of kites. I found a plain, triangular kite with a 7' wingspan.

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